About the album

Place of peace is a lounge/ ambient music album, composed by tiewrap. It is born from a longing to reflect on the experience of beauty and peace that is described as 'beyond understanding' ages and ages ago. An expericence I have on places of peace. That 'place' is not necessarily a psycical place.. it's a state of being... sometimes on onlogical places and moments. Still, people use to meet God on the top of a mountain or in the desert, just as people did in since the beginning of times. May this music encourage you to seek Him. It would be an honor.

About this site

I just wanted that may help you to find that Place of peace. Most of the photos are taken on places that bring good memories back. Enjoy!



gewoon even niks, even niks aan je hoofd, even in de nixbox, even.. nee, niet mn x-box, want daar doen we niet aan.. relaaaxed.. zeer ontspannen, soms wil je gewoon even niks.

Confort is needed.. Lord.. give it please.

I'm in a sacred place, a place close to the One who made this all. Who created the whole universe width great creativity, with great art. He created me too. I'm part of his plan. I'm part of His great creation. So, I'd say I could love myself.

Washed away
The blood of His son Jesus washes all our sins away. 1 John 1:7

As long as I live
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Place of peace
I love this wonderful place of peace. I love to be there. It's there to be found, if you like to find it. Deeper peace than your mind might understand is there for your hand to grab. Philippians 4:7



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