Solo albums

Place Of Peace (2015)

For this album, artists like Einaudi, Beethoven and Moby inspired Tiewrap. And, of course, Rivertribe. This means: more melody than ever. This album encourages you to search for peace. This music might help you. The only track featuring vocals is As Long As I Live, maybe the best Tiewrap track so far.

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IK [HARTJE] NL (2013)

This album is about Tiewraps love for his own country. This is the reason the lyrics are dutch. The style can be described as axpiremental elektro pop. This album is one of a kind. Some reviews (in dutch): Mousique and Nederlands Dagblad. Some concepts/ lyrics were the basis for (partly) new songs that Tiewraps performs with his band 'Overall en nergens'.

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Boerman Beats (2012)

Basically, this is just an EP where Tiewrap is going crazy on percussion, accompanied by funky guitars, groovy basslines, piano and synths. It looks like people in Asia like it.

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Speaking Objects (2007)

If you like beats and grooves and you are open to a challenge, check this demo album out. Somewhere between electronica, hiphop and expiremental ambient.

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